» Ass spanking video

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October 31th, 2011

Ass spanking video

Her feet and arms are put in shackles and they're attached to this stand that was specifically built for spanking. She is bent over with her ass completely exposed and the spanking adult tube video shows a controlling and dominant blonde bring a paddle down on her ass over and over again. The teen that stars in the extreme spanking has a wicked tight little body with small tits and a slender waist and she will arouse you completely and utterly in her fabulous teen pain scene.

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» Asian slut whipping

Category: Whipping, Extreme

September 21th, 2011

Asian slut whipping

The girl's hands are tied together and held above her as the rope wraps around the tree. She has dark hair and a slender body and the extreme spanking gallery shows her getting whipped hard outdoors. Her tits are small and sexy and he really goes hard at her body, taking every opportunity to make her hurt. The whipped teen cries out when the lash lands across her body and each time she has no idea where he's going to hit so it's a brand new pain for her. That surprise is part of what makes the spanking adult porn so much fun.

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» Ass spanked teens

Category: Spanking

July 24th, 2011

Clare is the attractive older woman that sits and makes the two submissive girls stare at the wall in this fabulous spanking adult gallery. One by one the girls lay across her knees and receive the extreme spanking they have earned through their naughty behavior. They have the choice to be whipped but they took the hard hand on the ass action. Now they scream out in pain because Clare doesn't mess around. When she spanks it's to cause pain and teach a lesson, not give a kinky girl a little bit of pleasure. You can see on the faces just how much it hurts.

Ass spanked teens

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» School girl in hot spanking video

Category: Spanking

June 17th, 2011

In this spanking adult tube a girl walks home from school in her short skirt, her cute stockings, and her white blouse. She goes into the house and the older guy is there waiting to give her the extreme spanking she deserves for being naughty. She knows she has no choice but to accept it. She gets in his lap and lays across his knees. He exposes her teen ass and brings his hand down hard on it. It turns a nice shade of pink and her cries of pain fill the room and hopefully fill your heart with lust. The spanking is painful and thatís how it should be.

School girl in hot spanking video

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» College girl gets paddled by her teacher

Category: Spanking

April 25th, 2011

College girl gets paddled by teacher

The insolent college girl has shown nothing but defiance in class and the lovely teacher is sick of it. It's time to make a spanking adult out of this girl and turn her ass red with a consistent beating. She bends the beauty over her desk and pulls up the skirt to expose her precious ass in white cotton panties. The teen looks cute and the paddle the teacher wields leads to an extreme spanking that makes her cry out in pain. Over and over she gets it on the ass and she will learn her lesson quickly.

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» Whipped teen porn

Category: Whipping, Extreme

March 12th, 2011

Whipped teen porn

If whipped teens turn you on then the beautiful young lady in the white lingerie and black leather boots should really flip your cookie. She's in a dungeon and has been chained with her hands above her head and nowhere to run to. The guy grabs his whip and the spanking adult action gets underway. He cocks his arm back and brings it forward hard to strike the sweet ass cheeks in the extreme spanking pics. Her pain experience is real as her back is crisscrossed with bright red marks from where the whip landed. Just imagine how much that must have hurt!

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» Spanking movie gallery

Category: Caning

February 3th, 2011

Spanking movie gallery

The young girl in the ponytail has been stealing from the lockers while the other girls are in gym and now she's been caught red-handed by the teacher. It's time for an extreme spanking and her ass is going to suffer for her crimes. The teen puts her hands on the back of her head and the teacher uses a small cane to beat that ass hard. Then she puts her up on the table for more spanking adult action with her bare teen ass given a working over.

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